Baby Boom

Last week was all about gifts related to love + marriage so it looks like this week will be all about what follows - the baby carriage!  Today I got some great news from two of my girlfriends:  one gave birth to her first child, a baby boy, and the other just found out she is pregnant with her second child!  Obviously, I plan to send gifts to both right away...but what to get?

Today I'm going to start with my expectant friend.  I know what a tough time she had during her first pregnancy (especially the 1st trimester!) so I wanted to send a little something that is both cheerful and useful!  I decided to go with a basket of hand-selected items full of things to soothe her discomforts and let her know I'm thinking of her.

The goodies?
1. Books - What to Expect When You're Expecting and Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives.  While most pregnant women will have picked up the first, others may not have ever heard of the second.  I heard this author speak at an event last year and she was just fascinating.  The book?  Even better.
2. Ginger Powder & Ginger Gel Caps - Ginger aids digestion, eases nausea, and has a host of other health benefits.
3. Epsom Salts - Soak feet, ease back aches, etc.
4. Happy Feet - Let her treat her feet to a little at-home spa.
5. Stuffed Animal - Baby's First Gift

What would you want to find in your basket?



Sweet & Simple Saturday #1

I have to admit - I've got a little bit of a sweet tooth. I'm always on the hunt for delicious little luxuries that will satisfy my cravings and make great gifts. That's why I've started this Sweet & Simple series. Every week I'll be bringing you a new treat for you or a loved one.

This week's sweet treat comes from Washington-based company, Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery. Their Dark Decadence Cake comes in a 4-pack of individual, ready-to-bake mason jars. Remove the lid, pop in the oven for 15 minutes, and presto! A deliciously sinful dessert. 



Liar Liar

Although I just got engaged, I've already started planning the big day.  While there are many decisions to be made, one of the easiest ones will be the selection of my bridesmaids.

In looking for a cute & quirky way to ask them to be in my bridal party, I came across this book.  How many times have you been told "You can wear it again!"  (Liars!)

I imagine wrapping it up in some kraft paper with a pink bow and simple note - Will you be my bridesmaid?  

How would you want to be asked to be in a wedding?



Jumping the Gun

I feel like I have completely jumped the gun here.  I started this series of wedding-related gifts off with an Irish inspired horseshoe gift for the bride, but should have started at the beginning - the engagement! (What a rookie blogger mistake, huh?:)

I (very) recently got engaged and was gifted with a bridal-inspired basket by a close girlfriend.  Words can't describe how much I appreciated and loved it!  It included everything I never knew I needed to celebrate this special moment and begin planning.  What would you want in a bridal basket?

Sheet Music - Get Me to the Church (my mother sang this to me all the time as a kid!) - Wrapping PaperBasket - Magazine - Champagne - Essie Wedding Collection